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The Foreign Language Center of IIE executes iBT TOEFL test as proxy to enable the students to take the test in more familiar and pleasant environment as part of their preparation for their study abroad

What is iBT TOEFL?

iBT (Internet-based test) TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign language) is a test that evaluates extensive English capacity. Apart from the test questions that evaluate the reading, listening, speaking, and writing capacities, there are also integrated-type questions such as Listening-Speaking, Reading-Listening-Speaking, and Reading-Listening-Writing questions.

The total score of iBT is 120, and the test lasts for about 4 hours. It is progressed sequentially, starting from reading, then listening, then speaking, and finally writing. Note taking for all four areas is allowed, and the notes taken can be referred to when answering the questions.

Organization of iBT TOEFL

Testing area Question and No. of question Testing hours Score range Characteristic of iBT TOEFL
Reading - 3-5 essay questions
- No. of words in 1 question: 700words
- 12-14 questions each
60-100 min. 0-30 - Long question and questions with various structures
- Multiple choice, question click (Inserting a sentence in a question), or categorizing and summarizing by classifying information, etc.
Listening - 2-3 conversation questions
- Length of 1 question: 3 min.
- 5 questions each
- 4-6 questions on lecture
- Length of 1 question:3~5 min.
- 6 questions each
60-90 min. 0-30 - Long conversation and lecture with the content closer to real setting
- Note-taking is allowed.
- Multiple choice, listening and then answering, classifying information in a table or arrange information in sequence.
Break 10 min.
Speaking - 2 independent questions
- 4 integrated questions
20 min.
- Preparation time: 15-30 sec.
- Answer time: 45-60 sec.
0-30 - Independent questions: Speaking about one’s opinion on a familiar topic (Questions 1-2)
- Integrated questions: Speaking based on the content that is read and listened (Question 3-6)
Writing - 4 integrated questions
- 1 independent questions
20 min.
30 min.
0-30 - Hand writing is not allowed.

General facts related to iBT TOEFL

Time needed for test About 4 hours
Total score 120 scores
Process in order Reading, listening, speaking, writing
Date of test The test is provided 30-40 times a year, and the testing dates vary depending on each country.
Place of test The test is available in the ETS Test Center where computers exclusively used for the test are provided.
How to apply - Internet application: It is possible to apply for the test at least 7 days before the testing date. Payment by credit card and e-check are also available.
- Phone application: It is possible to apply for the test at least 7 days before the testing date through phone. Payment is acceptable only by credit card.
Cost for test - Cost for test application: US $170
– Cost for test re-schedule: US $50
- Cost to retrieve the cancelled record: US $20
- Cost for additional reporting: US $17 (Per a college)
Payment method Credit card, money order, e-check, check
Cancellation of test - Cancellation of the application is available by visiting the website or calling to the Prometric Call Center.
- Cancellation by mail or e-mail is not available.
- Refund for $85 is available only when the cancellation is made at least 4 days before the testing date.
Score and report - It is possible to check the score online after 15 days from the testing date.
- The score can be reported automatically up to 4 organizations on the testing date.
- The score report is valid for two years.

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