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Introduction of the Course for Global Leader Program

The Foreign Language Center of IIE operates the Global-Bridge Program to cultivate the global leaders.

The Global-Bridge Program is a course that supports the students to continue their study in world-known universities after completing the English program (KMU-EAP: English for Academic Purpose) for a certain period of time under the Foreign Language Center of IIE.

The Global-Bridge Program guarantees admission to world-known universities without having TOEFL score after completing KMU-EAP course. The best advantage of this program is that it saves a substantial amount of the time and expense needed for acquiring English education.

The EAP program is a special program on English education that focuses on academic access of the students in a real educational setting at a foreign university after completing a one-year program.

The Global-Bridge Program is composed of the CEC (Canadian Experience Class) program that aims at the acquisition of working permit and citizenship in Canada and the Global Career Program that aims to continue one’s academic advancement in well-known universities majored in business administrations and other majors.

In the near future, the course of Global Leader Cultivation is planned to be expanded to China and other countries apart from those in the U.S. continent.

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