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The Korean Language Center was integrated and expanded as of September 2009 to provide Korean Language Education more efficiently to foreign students.

Korean Language Education was started to help foreign students learn Korean Language and culture. Many students from more than 15 countries are studying at the Korean Language Center now.

As the previous Korean Language Institute is integrated and expanded into the Institute of International Education, various systematic educational programs are provided to adequately meet the demands of the students. Through various programs including the course of regular Korean education that is a preparatory step for those aspiring to be admitted or transferred to KMU, the short-term Korean education that allows grasping of Korean language and culture within a short period of time, the professional technical program that aims at employment and business operation by learning Korean as well as professional technologies specialized in prominent career fields, and long- and short-term customized Korean educational course that effectively responds to the current demands, it aims to contribute to the enhancement of the students’ satisfaction as well as their learning capacity.

Currently, Korean Language Center is producing many prominent students by providing them not only with systematic and dynamic educational courses that reflect versatile demands of foreign students but also with effective teaching methods from exceptional faculty members. Furthermore, it makes the best use of the books and various multimedia materials to facilitate easy understanding, apart from offering diversified programs intended to assist foreign students currently residing in Korea. From this point onwards, Korean Language Center of KMU IIE will be exerting the necessary efforts to become established as a representative Korean language institute in Korea by being equipped with highly advanced educational environment and multimedia facilities and by developing more effective educational methods and materials.

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